Top 10 hungry women favorite foods for 2013!!!!

Drum roll please….

Announcing our top 10 food winners for 2013!
1-frites in duck fat and truffle oil. Grapes Winebar Annapolis (

2-Coq au Vin Les Folies in Annapolis (

3-Foie Gras Les Folies in Annapolis
4-Garde Manger Board (charcuterie, pate, grapes, dried apricots, cornichons) Grapes wine bar

5-Duck Confit Petit Louis in Roland park  (
6-Popcorn soup with grilled lobster Rose’s Luxury Washington DC (

7-Pickle brined fried chicken Rose’s Luxury
8-Chocolate pot de creme Vin 909 Annapolis (

9-Tunisian pizza Aida’s kitchen, Pasadena, Md. (and no this is not a restaurant!).
10-Lamb with pistachio pesto Aida’s kitchen.

These dishes are in no particular order….all fabulous! We have been so fortunate to find such lovely local food.
Honorable mention also goes to Liquid Assets in Ocean City, Md.,  Woodberry Kitchens in Baltimore, Hawthorne Fine Pastries in Severna Park, Md.
Nothing makes the Hungry Women happier than exceptional food. We will be on a quest in 2014 to discover more incredible places to tell you about.
Merry Christmas and Happy new Year

Piedigrotta Bakery in Little Italy

Buongiorno y’all! Ever since my friend, Bob Laggini first told me about this gem of an Italian bakery, I have been smitten. Never have I seen such an assortment of lovely baked goods. Antonio and Bruna, the owners of this fine establishment, are as delightful as the pastry. One Saturday morning, Aida, Yvette and I decided to check out this “Willy Wonka- like” shop of baked goods. (Yvette gets credit for that description). We had read that Antonio created the 1st tiramisu in Treviso, near Venice, on Dec. 24, 1969. THIS IS THE BEST TIRAMISU I have ever tasted! It is light, beautifully balanced perfection. Yvette had made an emergency tiramisu run a few days earlier, so we had already tasted that. However, little did we know that Bruna and Antonio make some devilish concoction that looks like a “lobster” made of phyllo and is filled with copious amounts of some sort of custard that should be illegal. You will need a cappuccino with this item.
I have heard on the Food Network, I believe, that “tiramisu” means “pick me up”. This had something to do with ladies of the evening needing something to perk them up as business was done. I must say that we were elevated to new heights by Antonio’s expertise. We asked Bruna if she would come to a party we were having that very night. We want to adopt her as our Italian Nonna.
Discover “La Dolce Vita” in Baltimore’s Little Italy. Check out
Stay hungry, women!

Petit Louis and Duck Confit

Bonjour y’all! I have had the privilege of dining at Cinghiale, Pazo, Charleston and now Petit Louis. I have always viewed Cindy Wolf as a rock star. I can still remember her short ribs in some insane reduction at Charleston. I think it was the first time I licked a plate in public. Cindy may not find that to be a compliment, but I assure you it was the most sincere way I can express how much I LOVE excellent food. So, dining at Petit Louis this past Saturday night was an equally outrageous experience. There were 12 of us in attendance. We are a fun loving, rowdy group who enjoy food and wine and celebrations. Because we tend to try everyone’s food, I was able to taste many dishes. I had the frisée aux lardons,poached egg & blue cheese salad. (3 snaps & a twist & throw myself off a cliff!!!!) Then, there was a perfectly cooked New York strip with Frites. My goodness! My husband had mussels in white wine, tomato & basil. Let’s just linger here for a moment. The broth was so rich and multi layered that I picked the bowl up and promptly drank the liquid right there in front of God and everybody, including my son, who was likely either quite embarrassed or very proud. It was a holy moment. Let me tell you that Nate, my son, has become quite the foodie himself. He ordered the Confit de Canard served with beets, Swiss chard & that reduction that only Cindy is capable of preparing. I have fallen completely in love with duck! I believe this to be a marriage where divorce is utterly impossible. There is no turning back. I want to explore all things duck. It’s a love affair. Petit Louis and Duck confit.