Piedigrotta Bakery in Little Italy

Buongiorno y’all! Ever since my friend, Bob Laggini first told me about this gem of an Italian bakery, I have been smitten. Never have I seen such an assortment of lovely baked goods. Antonio and Bruna, the owners of this fine establishment, are as delightful as the pastry. One Saturday morning, Aida, Yvette and I decided to check out this “Willy Wonka- like” shop of baked goods. (Yvette gets credit for that description). We had read that Antonio created the 1st tiramisu in Treviso, near Venice, on Dec. 24, 1969. THIS IS THE BEST TIRAMISU I have ever tasted! It is light, beautifully balanced perfection. Yvette had made an emergency tiramisu run a few days earlier, so we had already tasted that. However, little did we know that Bruna and Antonio make some devilish concoction that looks like a “lobster” made of phyllo and is filled with copious amounts of some sort of custard that should be illegal. You will need a cappuccino with this item.
I have heard on the Food Network, I believe, that “tiramisu” means “pick me up”. This had something to do with ladies of the evening needing something to perk them up as business was done. I must say that we were elevated to new heights by Antonio’s expertise. We asked Bruna if she would come to a party we were having that very night. We want to adopt her as our Italian Nonna.
Discover “La Dolce Vita” in Baltimore’s Little Italy. Check out http://www.piedigrottabakery.com
Stay hungry, women!